Testosterone Replacement

Testosterone ReplacementTestosterone replacement therapy is one option you can use to boost testosterone levels when this vital hormone is low in your body.  This method is however considered extreme by some, and can be dangerous if not monitored by a medical professional.  So how do you know if testosterone replacement therapy is right for you?


  1. First learn to recognize the symptoms of low testosterone-  The most common symptoms related to low-T are: a loss of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, depression, a decreased sense of well being, and difficulty concentrating.  You may also suffer from a lack of energy.
  2. Talk to your doctor and get tested-  There is a lot of misinformation on the internet concerning testosterone and what you can or cannot do on your own to fix the problem.  As mentioned above, testosterone replacement therapy is considered extreme, and may not even be necessary.  Talk to your doctor about your symptoms.  The most accurate way to find out if you suffer from decreased testosterone is a simple blood test.  Get tested!
  3. Understand the risks and side effects related to testosterone replacement therapy-  When conducted by a medical professional, this therapy is generally safe, but there are side effects you should be aware of before starting.  These include:  mild fluid retention, increased moodiness, increased risk of blood clots, decreased size of testes, breast enlargement, and the possibility of sleep apnea.

It is generally wise to consider all testosterone replacement options before making a final decision.  Talk to your doctor and get tested if you are that concerned about your symptoms.  You will then be where you need to be to make an educated decision.